Art is a very general word. I say general because so many different disciplines fall under the umbrella of “art”. Painting, music, writing, acting, sculpting, are just a few examples. What is interesting to me is the emergence of art based on technology, specifically graphic art. Even “graphic art” is very vast, and there are a lot of subcategories to this. Places such as The Web Squad specialize in this. Anything from graphic design, to web development, to digital printing, falls under the umbrella of what The Web Squad specializes in. Their clientele is vast. Next time I see the owner I’m going to ask him what he thinks about opening up an animation studio. It does not have to be big. After all we are not talking about producing Disney movies or anything like that. However, I have a feeling an animation studio would have a role on a smaller scale and many would be interested in its services.



As much as I love my dog, I think my next pet is going to be a goldfish. I’ve been curious about fish for a while, and maintaining an aquarium is an interesting hobby. While it requires a fair amount of work, it does not bring problems such as pet hair, and carpet odor associated with pets. So far I’ve been calling Kolorkist Cleaning to take care of pet odor removal, and carpet cleaning. Kolorkist has been great. Even so I am ready to move on and start out with a freshwater aquarium. Over time I might even get into fish farming hard core. I have seen people turn their garage into a fish hatchery. It is a cool project. There is a lot of good that can come out of it. It can even be tied in to an aquaponics system where numerous organisms grow next to each other and benefit from one another. We’ll see what the future brings.

New Gadgets

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, there are more and more gadgets on the market. The rate of technological advancement is faster and faster. The gadgets increase in number more and more. It is interesting where we are headed in the future. I love technology and everything related to it. I am always out to buy the newest, latest thing out there. If it is something complex that needs to be installed on my car I go to German Motors. A couple of months ago I wanted to install a top of the line antenna. German Motors took care of me as always. I know the owner and a few of the guys that work there. They are a good group to be associated with and they stand out in a positive way, in an industry that is often stereotyped for huge rip-offs.


Abdominals (abs) are a unique body part that warrants a lot of specific attention at the gym. This is not to say that one’s workout should be limited to abdominals. On the contrary, as one gains muscle mass, it has to be equal such that each body part is proportional to the other. Even so, abs need unique attention. Sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, are just a few of the many exercises geared towards producing rock solid abs. I’ve been working out a lot more lately, both for cardio and anaerobic exercise. I am already seeing results. Abs are only a part of the overall process. I take the Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula before my workout as a way to have more energy. Gamma Labs has come out with a line of amazing products. I have to be consistent and keep doing what I am doing. A lot of it is not just physical, but also mental.

Everybody Is Different

Fantasy Car Rentals offers a wide variety of cars for rent. There are many regular sedans for everyday use, but the “fantasy” part of Fantasy Car Rentals refers to their more exotic automobiles that you don’t see too often on the road. Most of us can’t afford these top of the line luxury vehicles, so if I want to drive one I have to spend a few hundred dollars to rent and have some fun. There are people who don’t care at all about this and would not drive one of those vehicles even if it was free. This has always amazed me; how different people can be and how we all have such different preferences. Some of this is accounted for by our genetic differences, and some of it is accounted for by differences in our environments. The potential number of combinations of genes and environment is so vast, that countless personalities emerge. As a matter of fact each and every one of us is unique.

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