Abdominals (abs) are a unique body part that warrants a lot of specific attention at the gym. This is not to say that one’s workout should be limited to abdominals. On the contrary, as one gains muscle mass, it has to be equal such that each body part is proportional to the other. Even so, abs need unique attention. Sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, are just a few of the many exercises geared towards producing rock solid abs. I’ve been working out a lot more lately, both for cardio and anaerobic exercise. I am already seeing results. Abs are only a part of the overall process. I take the Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula before my workout as a way to have more energy. Gamma Labs has come out with a line of amazing products. I have to be consistent and keep doing what I am doing. A lot of it is not just physical, but also mental.


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